The Arts Show Roundup – 23/11/2014

Review: Below The Belt at Duncan Street art space
Helen headed down to Below The Belt, an exhibition exploring masculinity (including a fruit orgy!).
Below The BeltBelow The Belt
You can check out a gallery of photos from the event and check out the online debates about the exhibition’s content on the Facebook event page.

Debate: where do you draw the line between admiration and obsession?
Mark and Faye headed up our debate this week, discussing how far some fans will go to show their dedication to an artist or band. If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ll have noticed lots of lovely Lady Gaga fans waiting for the Art Rave in Sheffield. Mark discussed his experience of the concert on the show.

Have you ever been harassed by a large group of 1D fans on Twitter (scarier than it sounds)? Let us know in the comments section!

Review: iSessions Leeds
Mark headed down to iSessions at The Library Pub to check out some local Leeds talent. We featured several artists from the gig on our previous show, which you can find links to here.

Interview and live session: Nicola Reed and Vanessa Maria
Nicola Reed came into to the studio to chat to us about the upcoming Leeds Busking Competition, which takes place at The Faversham on December 2nd. All proceeds from the event go to West Yorkshire charity Simon On The Streets. Vanessa Maria who will be performing at the event also performed live in the studio for us!

You can follow Vanessa and Nicola on Twitter and attend the Facebook event for more information. Check out some other artists from the event line up below (Voodoo City and Dylan Brierly) and get excited!

Interview: Tallulah Rendall
Jasmin spoke to Tallulah Rendall about her latest projects and future plans!

Next week Mark will be reviewing the new PCI production War Songs, Eleanor will be interview Anthony Missen from Company Chameleon and reviewing their latest piece Beauty Of The Beast, and Faye will be previewing Leeds Stage Musicals Society’s Guys and Dolls! Don’t forget to tune in from 2-3pm next Sunday!


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